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Below are some kind words from our friends who have

scheduled visits with Papa Claus in the past.

You were just perfect. They will remember this night forever. My kids said we will have to book it again for next year!  Thank you for making it so memorable. MerryMuska Christmas!!

Thank you. They ALL had an amazing time. We will definitely see you next year and will spread the word as well !!

It was a huge hit!!!! Thank you oh so much! It was just wonderful!


They all said they saw Rudolph’s nose! What a special night! We are so glad to have you as our new holiday tradition!! We’ll be scheduling again for next year!


Hey Santa everything was perfect for all kids big and small.  Thank you so much we all enjoyed your visit. I believe they may have seen your reindeer and they surely heard you leaving on the sleigh and calling out, that was great! Once again thank you so much we have talked about it all night.  I will definitely refer you to our friends.


Thank you so much. You warmed all of our hearts :)


Thank you! You made our Christmas and many of our neighbors as well. I love your message of

gratefulness and kindness!!


Thank you much for taking time tonight and being so great with the kids. I didn’t even know if Mason would even get close to you tonight or not.  He is usually afraid of everything and has cried at malls when trying to see if he wants to see Santa. He was so excited tonight to see you and you were so great with the kids. First time ever taking his picture with Santa it even getting close to Santa to talk and he couldn’t wait to get home to tell his Daddy. Thank you and have a great Christmas!!

That was amazing! You’re the best, honestly, pure magic. Thank you for all of it!

Christmas wonders. You are the best! He was on the fence, thinking we were behind the “Santa thing”, but he’s a believer again!  At least one more year. I think the fact that everyone was surprised reenforced it. That was a perfect touch. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and can finally get some rest. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Santa! Teagan asked me to send her in complete unicorn happiness and say thank you!

Thanks again for the special night...the kids are still talking about it!!


We are so blessed to have you share the holiday season with our family and friends. Thank you for the good you are doing in the world and your support of Kilgour.


From the lovely Dottie:

I can’t thank you enough for going out of your way to give me a bottle of George Stagg Junior . . .  our family all agree that you are the best Santa we’ve ever met. You are not only look the part, you “bar” in every way! Even the older and younger adult grandchildren enjoy your visit. Wishing you a blessed new year.

From the Burroughs Family:

Dear Santa, wow! You were the best Santa ever!! You even made Michael and I “believe”! My kids were apprehensive thinking their little ones would figure you out. Instead they believe even more! I’m sure you love what you do. You certainly made our holiday is joyful one! Many thanks! Shirley


From the Ungerbuehler Family:

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience! One I know we'll never forget! We look forward to scheduling again next year."


From the Lippert Family:

"Our family absolutely LOVED having you come and surprise the kids. It was a very memorable experience and we want to book you for the Friday before Christmas next year! Thank you from all the Lipperts!"


From the Huber Family:

"Hi Papa Claus! Hope you have found time to refresh after the craziness of the season. Our family had a blast with you on Christmas Eve and would love to book you for NEXT Christmas Eve (2018) and most likely all the future Christmas eves until you hang up your bells.

You were great! Kids and adults enjoyed your visit. Thanks and may this new year be filled with love, peace, joy and lots and lots of laughter."


From the Reineck Family:

"Wow!  What a Christmas we had last year.  As we were finishing dinner right before Christmas, there was knock at the door.  Who would have thought Santa would stop by for an early visit.   My kids were in awe, how amazing!  He greeted my kids, nephew and niece by name.  He even remembered my daughter had just stopped sucking her thumb and of course he informed her I was a big thumb-sucker when I was her age.  Grandma and Grandpa were impressed that Santa even knew what was on their list this year.   Santa brought an early gift for the kids since evidently they were pretty good this year.   We here are truly believers and thank Santa for creating a wonderful memory.  Thank you, The Reinecks"


From the Behymer Family:

"Words can't express our delight in your "Oscar Winning" appearance at our home yesterday.  To see the faces on the little ones was so very special and something to really cherish.  I know the "big kids" really enjoyed your performance too, especially our cousin from England.

Our daughter was so worried which Santa I had chosen.  She asked, "Does he have a real beard?  Is he really authentic? etc., etc."  I reassured her that I wouldn't pick just any 'ole Santa off the street.  Santa would be only The BEST and you were!!

Thank you very, very much for coming the distance and taking the time out of your busy holiday schedule to visit with our little ones.  I believe we probably owe you a car wash!

Our best and have a FABULOUS New Year,
John & Carla Behymer"


From the City of Edgewood:

"Papa and Mama Claus were amazing. You did an outstanding job for our event and we can't wait to schedule for next year!"

From Kaeser and Blair:

"I appreciate how you worked with me to put together a unique visit - one that was specific to our wishes and different from years past. You and your Grinch worked very well off each other as well as improvising with where our folks led you. You have a wonderful "sixth sense" for improvising, going with the flow, and being creative on the fly! We all had a wonderful, memorable day and we THANK YOU!"

Letters to Santa

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